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    3D Hybrid Metal Prototyping Device
    A new hybrid, 3D, Metal, Prototyping Device combines welding technology, instead of laser sintering of a metal powder, with a subtractive/machining process (Computer Numerical Controlled Machining - CNC) to create metal parts with unmatched complexity, precision, and quality. The device has a low, initial machine cost and a low build cost, using welding wire instead of metal powder, allowing for inexpensive, large lot production of fully functional metal parts. It has complete access to all surfaces of the metal part as each layer is welded/built. This improves machining performance and part tolerances. In addition, the rotational speed of the CNC machining is slower, reducing device downtime and maintenance costs.

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    Mobile Counselor Recruitment Tool
    A new interactive mobile recruitment tool has been developed that helps institutions of higher education with recruiting high school and college transfer students. The software is inexpensive and can be integrated with existing CRM systems. It is extremely efficient compared to a paper-based recruitment process. Data gathering and tracking is much simpler and faster as the software immediately logs prospective student information and interests, allowing for same day responses to prospective students with targeted recruiting information.

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    Performance Feedback Punching Bag System

    This Punching Bag System provides real-time, audio feedback to the exerciser. The user’s workout music is modified with their present performance and based on previous workout data. Faster punching speeds up the tempo of the song the user is working out to, while slower punching slows the song. The force of the punch alters the volume (decibels) of the music and punch accuracy changes the pitch (Hertz) of the music. The user can also specify positive and negative playlists for meeting and not meeting their workout goals. In addition, this feedback system can be utilized with other exercise equipment.

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    HVAC Evaporative Pads with Chitosan
    A new HVAC-Evaporative Pad that can be used for agricultural and other HVAC applications has been developed by applying a chitosan coating to paperboard in place of phenol resins and other non-green coatings. These evaporative pads have a single layer of chitosan that creates a lighter pad with better wet stiffness, wicking height and water absorption, providing improved evaporative cooling. The manufacturing process is simple, inexpensive, environment-friendly and the paperboard is completely recyclable.

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    Self-Supporting Electronic Devices
          Self-supporting flexible electronics are low cost, flexible, thinner, lighter, and more conformable electronics that do not have a substrate support. The lack of a substrate support allows for their use in applications that can not normally incorporate electronics, such as clothing, plastic bags, odd-shaped spaces, and on skin. It also avoids substrate-ink-coating incompatibility issues and increases the temperature range for circuit production or use. 

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    Winged, Wind-Powered, Electricity Generator
         A wind-powered electricity generator has been developed that utilizes wings to efficiently capture the energy of low or high speed winds. The wings are positioned horizontally and oscillate around a central axis. This wind-powered generator provides numerous advantages in manufacturing, operation and efficiency in comparison to the wind, turbine generators presently favored for electrical generation.

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    Cancer Therapy using Engineered Tanapox Virus
    Cancer Therapy using Engineered Tanapox Virus: Wild-type tanapox virus (TPV) causes very mild illness and is not transmitted from person to person making it desirable for cancer therapy. A recombinant tanapox virus (TPV), TPV/Δ2L66R/fliC, has been created that specifically replicates in cancer cells, stimulates host innate immunity, and does not reduce TNF-mediated, host inflammatory and antiviral immune responses. TPV/Δ2L66R /fliC has demonstrated impressive oncolytic activity through regression of human colorectal cancer xenografted tumors in mice with innate immunity.

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    Dual Pressure, Respiratory Assistance Device
        This is a device to assist the breathing and lung development of premature babies or adults by providing oscillating, bi-level air pressure to prevent lung collapse and to recruit alveoli.  This device is inexpensive to manufacture and deploy and doesn’t require an electrical supply for its operation. It provides hospitals with limited resources, the ability to sustain and treat premature babies.

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    Micro Laser Assisted Machining Device, Micro-LAM
         Machines semiconductor and ceramic materials by simultaneously heating and deforming the microscopic area of the material that is in contact with the tool tip. The Micro-LAM delivers greater machining precision and a faster machining rate than conventional LAM, while being non-damaging (minimal heating), and providing greater energy efficiency, and reduced down time.

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    Wireless, Helmet, Impact Monitoring System
         This technology utilizes conventional printing techniques to create impact sensors, analytical and transmission circuits. The thin, flexible sensor system lines the interior of a sports or military helmet to detect exact intensity and location of impacts.  This data is wirelessly transmitted to a phone or computer. Results can be instantaneously monitored for concussive impacts or the accumulation of smaller impacts to the same region of the skull.  This technology can also be used for monitoring impacts or pressure in many other applications.

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