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    Thermal Erosion Tester for Sand Molds and Cores
         Presently available abrasion test apparatuses for determining the friability of green sand composites do not test composite specimens under real casting conditions. The Thermal Erosion Tester (TET) tests the friability of sand composite specimens, while applying high heat and pressure to the sample, simulating actual conditions encountered by molds and cores during casting. The TET will improve sand system control and accelerate development of formulations for high tolerance molds and cores. 

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    Thermal Distortion Tester for Green Sand Molds
         Presently available Thermal Distortion Testers (TDT) cannot simulate conditions or measure several parameters important for quality assessment of sand composites. In contrast, this new Thermal Distortion Tester (TDT) utilizes composite specimens that can vary in thickness to simulate different mold thicknesses, applies either constant or variable (simulating changing filling loads) pressure on the sample, while accurately measuring four different sample parameters, in real time.  Because of its comprehensive capabilities, the TDT will improve sand composite control and accelerate development of formulations for high tolerance molds and cores.

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    The Eve Table Support
         The Eve Table Support is simple, beautiful, and inexpensive to manufacture. It has three legs that are identical to each other, allowing them to be easily mass produced. When assembled, the three legs form an infinite curve and provide a visually appealing and sturdy support for any table top. The Eve Table Support can be of any height or width to support a variety of table top sizes and shapes. 

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    Testing of Model-Driven Architecture Generated Code
         The software efficiently identifies inconsistencies between design models created by the MDA language, UML, and programs created from the design models using programming languages, like Java. It has been shown to detect previously unknown errors in a software package and to be more efficient than existing verifier software through removal of redundant branches during testing. 

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    Take-Apart Chair
         This sturdy, comfortable chair requiring no assembly instructions, no fasteners or tools, and can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled for transport. It can be constructed from almost any commonly used material. 

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    Selective Anion Extraction
         This technology uses nano-structures to specifically encapsulate charge-dense anions (demonstrating an anti-Hofmeister bias) such as; sulfate, phosphate, carbonate, chromate, fluoride, arsenate, selenite, even in the presence of high concentrations of more charge diffuse anions like nitrate and chlorate.  Before this technology, charge-diffuse anions would, with regularity, interfere with the extraction of charge-dense anions, preventing removal of charge dense anions from aqueous solutions containing both anion types.  The nano-structures may be used to purify a variety of high value streams.

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    Microfluidics Bio-Sensor for Bio-Marker Measurement
         This microfluidics bio-sensor is an acoustic wave-based, sensor system incorporating functionalized nanotubes that accurately measures biomolecules present in low picomolar concentrations in a sample as small as 10 µl.  This miniature, integrated system can instantaneously measure blood-borne biomarkers linked to diseases, like cancers, and to disease progression.

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    Low Cost, Flexible, Microfluidic System
         A microfluidic device has been developed that is  easy (no clean room) to manufacture and is made from a flexible material that avoids breakage. The Microfluidic System can be configured to perform multiple functions, which are common to microfluidic devices, while being low cost for disposable applications.

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    Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Production
         A new production method creates carbon nanotubes with consistent size and structure, at large-scale. Isolation of intact nanotubes after production is simplified with this method. This method also allows for incorporation of metal ions and other molecules into the nanotubes.

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    Financial Simulator for Multi-Period Production
         The simulator updates financial and efficiency results from reiterative manufacturing runs or during specific manufacturing time periods to provide an evolving picture of manufacturing efficiencies and financials during various scenarios, like inventory build-ups and draw-downs. 

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