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    Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Production
         A new production method creates carbon nanotubes with consistent size and structure, at large-scale. Isolation of intact nanotubes after production is simplified with this method. This method also allows for incorporation of metal ions and other molecules into the nanotubes.

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    Low Cost, Flexible, Microfluidic System
         A microfluidic device has been developed that is  easy (no clean room) to manufacture and is made from a flexible material that avoids breakage. The Microfluidic System can be configured to perform multiple functions, which are common to microfluidic devices, while being low cost for disposable applications.

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    Micro Laser Assisted Machining Device, Micro-LAM
         Machines semiconductor and ceramic materials by simultaneously heating and deforming the microscopic area of the material that is in contact with the tool tip. The Micro-LAM delivers greater machining precision and a faster machining rate than conventional LAM, while being non-damaging (minimal heating), and providing greater energy efficiency, and reduced down time.

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    Microfluidics Bio-Sensor for Bio-Marker Measurement
         This microfluidics bio-sensor is an acoustic wave-based, sensor system incorporating functionalized nanotubes that accurately measures biomolecules present in low picomolar concentrations in a sample as small as 10 µl.  This miniature, integrated system can instantaneously measure blood-borne biomarkers linked to diseases, like cancers, and to disease progression.

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    Mobile Counselor Recruitment Tool
    A new interactive mobile recruitment tool has been developed that helps institutions of higher education with recruiting high school and college transfer students. The software is inexpensive and can be integrated with existing CRM systems. It is extremely efficient compared to a paper-based recruitment process. Data gathering and tracking is much simpler and faster as the software immediately logs prospective student information and interests, allowing for same day responses to prospective students with targeted recruiting information.

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    Patternless, Rapid, Sand Mold Prototyping for Casting
          This device and method quickly creates accurate sand molds and cores for casting using a hybrid approach of 3D layering and CNC machining of each sintered layer. It employs a resin coated, black carbon, shell sand that is easily sintered with visible light and that acts as a lubricant for rapid CNC machining of each layer after the layer is sintered. In addition, the sand resin is not flammable, allowing starting materials, and completed molds and cores to be safely stored and transported.

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    Performance Feedback Punching Bag System

    This Punching Bag System provides real-time, audio feedback to the exerciser. The user’s workout music is modified with their present performance and based on previous workout data. Faster punching speeds up the tempo of the song the user is working out to, while slower punching slows the song. The force of the punch alters the volume (decibels) of the music and punch accuracy changes the pitch (Hertz) of the music. The user can also specify positive and negative playlists for meeting and not meeting their workout goals. In addition, this feedback system can be utilized with other exercise equipment.

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    Selective Anion Extraction
         This technology uses nano-structures to specifically encapsulate charge-dense anions (demonstrating an anti-Hofmeister bias) such as; sulfate, phosphate, carbonate, chromate, fluoride, arsenate, selenite, even in the presence of high concentrations of more charge diffuse anions like nitrate and chlorate.  Before this technology, charge-diffuse anions would, with regularity, interfere with the extraction of charge-dense anions, preventing removal of charge dense anions from aqueous solutions containing both anion types.  The nano-structures may be used to purify a variety of high value streams.

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    Self-Supporting Electronic Devices
          Self-supporting flexible electronics are low cost, flexible, thinner, lighter, and more conformable electronics that do not have a substrate support. The lack of a substrate support allows for their use in applications that can not normally incorporate electronics, such as clothing, plastic bags, odd-shaped spaces, and on skin. It also avoids substrate-ink-coating incompatibility issues and increases the temperature range for circuit production or use. 

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    Take-Apart Chair
         This sturdy, comfortable chair requiring no assembly instructions, no fasteners or tools, and can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled for transport. It can be constructed from almost any commonly used material. 

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