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    Colored, Special Effect Ink
         A new ink formulation has been developed that allows special effect/metallic inks to retain a shiny color without any bleeding of the color, when manually applied to or printed on porous substrates like cellulose paper. The formulation is quick drying and utilizes a variety of water-based and solvent-based pigment dispersions that make it convenient for use in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

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    Career Guidance Inventory (CGI) Career Assessment Tool
         A career assessment tool to identify students’, employment candidates’ and employees’ strengths and interests with respect to their career choices. The Inventory utilizes four, in-depth questionnaires that determine strengths and interests to identify correct academic and occupational choices, find the right talent for the right position and optimize the performance of employees as they progress with a company. 

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    Biebrich Scarlet for Fluorescent Staining of Cells
         The Biebrich scarlet fluorescent stain specificity stains certain cellular organelles of white blood cells, such as eosinophil granules. It has exemplary spectral properties, is soluble in water at a neutral pH, and is photo-fixed forming covalent bonds with cellular constituents and preventing its redistribution during tissue preparation and analysis.

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    Aerial Refueling Hose-Drogue Simulation Program
         Probe-drogue refueling (PDR) involves coupling a probe on a receiver aircraft with a probe receptacle (drogue) attached to a flexible, fuel hose from a tanker aircraft.  PDR has always been a technically challenging operation and improvements to PDR systems to ensure overall safety for both manned and unmanned vehicles are urgently needed. A software program is available that permits testing of designs for PDR before and during prototype development by simulating and predicting all of the movements of hose-drogue refueling systems during aircraft refueling maneuvers.

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    Patternless, Rapid, Sand Mold Prototyping for Casting
          This device and method quickly creates accurate sand molds and cores for casting using a hybrid approach of 3D layering and CNC machining of each sintered layer. It employs a resin coated, black carbon, shell sand that is easily sintered with visible light and that acts as a lubricant for rapid CNC machining of each layer after the layer is sintered. In addition, the sand resin is not flammable, allowing starting materials, and completed molds and cores to be safely stored and transported.

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    Barrier Coatings Impervious to Water, Oil and Grease
         Barrier coatings have been developed utilizing commercially available nanoparticle constituents that permit coating of almost any material and provide superior protection from penetration by water, oil and grease. The coatings are water based, easy to apply and dry, and are environmentally friendly.

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